Acupressure also called traditional Chinese medicine.This is one of the best alternative treatment which is the hard work of chinese therapist who bring their therapy in world wide by working on it.

The word acupressure means giving pressure through thumb.If needle is used on these pressure points this is called acupuncture.

Acupressure is old concept working in all conditions like diabettes,BP, cardiac, skin etc through natural healing mechanism.There is no side effect and no need of medicine dependency.

The healing mechanism can be late but it brings the organ in normal physiology.

There is reflex point of body present in foot, hand,face and ear.By pressing them can cure the diseases.

Beside this meridian points viz energy flow channel flow in all over the body works on yin yang concept.

An acupressure therapist by working on reflex and meridian points can give marvellous result than a morden medicine practitioner, in natural way and safe way.

Now a days physical diseases increasing due to bad life style, faulty food habits etc and people going to depend on medicines.

Main aim of Sukh physio and alternative treatment centre to work on diseases by acupressure, diet and good routine which brings organ in normal physiology. Automatic healing of organ occurs and no need of external medicine dependency.

Acupressure is best mechanism to treat conditions , where other treating system fails chances of natural healing by acupressure works miraculously.